According to the tradition, early settlers in what today known as Igbogbo Kingdom were More, Mokun, Itun-Nla and Abosan settlers. Thereafter these early settlers, there were other wave of migrants that also settled in Igbogbo.

The history of Obaship in Igbogbo is as old as the town itself and according to the oral tradition, the traditional administration of the ancient town was administered by the Elegures and later by the Oloja of Igbogbo.

Several Elegures were said to have ruled Igbogbo at different times before 1900 and the first Oloja (which was later changed to Oba) was Oba Kashimawo.The title changed to Obaship during the reign of Oba Kashimawo whose reign started before 1900 and ended in 1905.

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